Life is Full of Risks… Your Retirement Plan Shouldn’t Be

Read the complete Time Magazine Article and watch the news report on Time Magazine’s article on Morning Joe, at the top right of this page to understand why they boldly state “It’s Time to Retire the 401(k).”

Take a few minutes to watch two short videos from CBS 60 Minutes. You’ll be blown away when you find out how Wall Street has been secretly pillaging hundreds of millions of dollars from 401(K) accounts by charging “hidden and undisclosed fees.”

Find out how to:

  • Never Experience losses in down markets (2001, 2008)
  • Get “tax free” retirement Income
  • Not run out of money in retirement
  • Capture market linked returns
  • Take advantage of the retirement plans of the wealthy
  • Eliminate the restrictive rules of your 401k or IRA plans
  • Use IRS section 7702 as part of your retirement


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